Why help impoverished families that have children with cancer in Colombia? Joining as a donator, volunteer, or sponsor of the charity Volver a Soñar means providing a marvellous and unique opportunity to these disadvantaged families most in-need of your help. Your contribution and continued support will provide these individuals in vulnerable situations with assistance, coaching, and training that supports their personal growth and education. You will help form complete individuals with desire for self-improvement and eagerness to succeed, with a positive and supportive attitude.

Thank you for your donation:

• Our children are much healthier and stronger with medication and vitamins like Omniplus that strengthens their immune systems.

• Access to essential development… In other words, to provide an education and a means to integrate into the labor market as a responsible citizen with solid values, and a strong social commitment to their community.

• Enable single-mothers to learn the necessary skills to obtain employment and therefore provide an income to their families.

• Provide a safe and secure place for our sick children to call home

• Transform lives, and create active ambassadors of strong personal values particularly of life and family.

We work towards a world where the rights
of children are respected and protected.


The Sponsorship programme provides the opportunity to transform the life of a sick child with cancer and their siblings whose economic situation is limited. Every Sponsor receives periodic information about the academic performance, social and family situation of the children they sponsor.
A monthly student scholarship includes:



Didactic Materials



The total amount for a monthly scholarship for 2020:
$450,000 Colombian Pesos (USD 150)

You can donate without a minimum amount, monthly or annually, through debit credit card, check transfer or bank deposit.


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