Our privileged children

In Colombia nearly a million children between 5 and 16 years old are not receiving formal education according to the Ministry of Education. Every year more than 300,000 young and adolescent children are forced to abandon their education due to socio-economic hardship. Out of every 100 children that enter primary aged education, only 40 will attend University, where sadly 60% of them will have to abandon their studies due to economic constrictions (statistics from PNUD). On the other hand, barely 1% of University enrolments came from lower socio-economic groups according to the 2016 consensus.

At Volver a Soñar we have created a campaign, enabled by the generosity of those people and entities that support us, to continue providing scholarships to our sponsored children who wish to study and seek a better, more prosperous future.

Sponsor a Child and contribute
to a better world


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